Manufacturing Talent Development Institute (ManufacturingTDI) With CAAM
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“The reason this program has worked is because it recognizes the need and is fulfilling that need.” – ART HOELKE, VP & General Manager, Knight’s Armament

Advancing the Manufacturing Workforce

Since 2006, the Manufacturing Talent Development Institute has been working to provide curriculum, training, and certification resources for developing and sustaining Florida's manufacturing production workforce and contributing to the expansion of its diverse manufacturing industries.

ManufacturingTDI represents a consortium, a new statewide industry-recognized, certification-based training and education initiative.

Now ManufacturingTDI is pursuing a wide array of initiatives that build upon prior achievements, furthering the establishment of a unified workforce preparation system that creates the training and educational programs, curriculum, career pathways, and industry certifications needed to deliver high-performance manufacturing workplace competencies.

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